101 Things

I used to hate when I was little and my mom would ask “if everyone else were jumping off a bridge would you jump too”. Even as a little girl my responses to things like that were generally sarcastic: “probably so mom”….I was never a fan of being the one who got left out. At least when it wasn’t something hugely important. And even at that age I was aware the jumping off a bridge thing was just a metaphor. So just because everyone else has a 100 things list…I want one too.

101. I’m a huge procrastinator but I work so much better under pressure.

100. I have learned more about myself in the last year than I thought possible.

99. I talk and read really fast. I hate when this is pointed out to me. I haven’t slowed down yet and I have no intention of doing so in the future.

98. I’m French, Irish and Polack. Mostly Irish.

97. My friends accuse me of making words up. Sometimes they are but more often than not it is something I picked up in a book I read.

96. Some of the best times of my life have been floating down the river with my friends.

95. Sometimes it takes me a minute to catch up to things. I probably wasn’t paying attention.

94. I am sarcasm personified.

93. A pinkie promise is my sacred form of allegiance.

92. I don’t care for odd numbers. When I turn the volume up on my T.V. I can’t leave it on one….

91. When I was growing up my grandpa used to bet me $50 that I couldn’t finish large plates of food. I always did. This may or may not be where my issues with food began.

90. Sometimes when I drink I can go into my own world, people think I’m being rude but generally I’m just “thinking”.

89. I have a problem with authority. I have been that way as long as I can remember.

88. I love shoes, purses, and gadgets, and shirts, and make-up and perfumes, and earrings and bracelets…some things to excess but I have recently gotten that under control.

87. For the longest time I put my hands on top of my wheel in an L to determine left and right…

86. I love how I feel after a good workout.

85. I love books… my favorite place when I was little was the library; I used to beg to get dropped off there. I still love being in libraries and book stores.

84. I can watch the same movie over and over again and it’s like the first time every time. I blame it on my short term memory problems.

83. I have never been on an organized sports team. Ever. And I am very thankful for that.

82. I am fiercely loyal to my friends.

81. I don’t like to fight but I love to win.

80. I think it’s fun to ask questions about things I already know the answer to. Just to see what someone else’s explanation is.

79. I write with my left hand.

78. I tend to be in the gray area…I see both sides of everything and have trouble picking which I agree with.

77. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a heel that is too high…or too many shoes for that matter.

76. When I love I do it with my whole heart. With that said I have only been in love once. And the more time that goes by I realize it was more lust than love.

75. I LOVE red wine. It makes me happy…and cheese. Wine and cheese.

74. I am complex, unpredictable, and sometimes hypocritical.

73. I think I’m hilarious. . In college my best friend’s boyfriend at the time told her he didn’t like me because I laughed at myself too much. He was an idiot.

72. If I could afford it I would eat sushi every day.

71. I’ve been told that if my laugh could be described in one word it would be explosive.

70. Dirty Dancing was my favorite movie when I was little. It still ranks up there.

69. Even when I’m “dressing down” I like to be put together. I don’t like the way I feel if I’m not dressed well.

68. I like to eat very strange combinations of foods. Such as: kettle corn with hot tamales candies. It’s delicious.

67. If I could get a job that paid well reading books out loud all day I would take it.

65. I also like white wine, sake, and beer

64. If you ask me what I ate I will describe it to you in much more detail than is truly necessary. To be honest I will tell you even if you don’t ask.

63. Lately I prefer brunch with my friends over going out late at night..

62. I give great advice, but I have trouble taking it.

61. I have a hard time choosing favorites. Color, drink, season, genre of music.

60. While I have the capability to take the lead I have no problem with someone else taking it. Just be prepared for my steady input.

59. There is something about a guy who plays the guitar…

58. When I was younger I was playing a board game and I pronounced plutocracy PLUTO-cracy (like the dog) I realized it as soon as it came out of my mouth but I was horrified nonetheless.

57. I often think songs are written specifically for me and the situation I am in.

56. Karma keeps me from doing some very bad things.

55. When I was young, I was so scared of death and the endlessness of the universe that I’d cry if I thought about it too much.

54. I’m a list person. I have lists of what I’m going to do this afternoon, what I want to do this year, what I’m getting from the grocery store. Etc. etc. etc. I find them everywhere but rarely look at them after they have been made.

53. Anyone significant I have dated I have known within the first few moments that I would be involved with them.

52. I have an irrational fear of squirrels. I hate them. and have been known to run away screaming when they get too close. I’m terrified one will climb up my legs. It’s not a pretty sight.

51. I am guilty of over sharing. It goes hand in hand with my love of being inappropriate.

50. I am not emotionally independent. I can’t truly enjoy a good thing or get over a bad thing without first sharing it with someone else (or multiple other people).

49. I once had a guy tell me he thought I played stupid because it was fun for me…which is partly true, but sometimes it’s a cover up because I really don’t get it.

48. I am guilty of over sharing. It goes hand in hand with my love of being inappropriate.

47. You would be hard pressed to find something I wouldn’t try at least once.

46. Sex and the City has gotten me through some very rough times. I watch my DVD’s regularly.

45. When I say something dumb the words echo in my head for several moments after I have said them. As often as I do it you would think I would be over that.

44. I have a habit of interrupting people that I believe I have gotten better at. I don’t think what I have to say is more important..I’ll just forget if I don’t get it out right then. Thoughts come and go way too quickly for me.

43. Every now and then I’ll try a food that I hated before and find that it’s not so bad now…most of the time I still hate it.

42. I look forward to breakfast as soon as I am done with dinner.

41.One of my favorites is oatmeal with whipped banana, toasted walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, sprinkled with maple syrup and a spoonful of peanut butter.

40. I can be very social but I really enjoy being alone as well.

39. I can’t pick out the states on a map.

38. I love the way it feels to slow dance with someone. Everything about it.

37. I love to kiss, cuddle and rub and be rubbed…I’m very affectionate in the right moments but I just recently started hugging people, and I limit it to people I know well.

36. Mint mocha chocolate chip frappuccinos are the best.

35. I don’t have a temper. I think I got it all out when I was little. I do however get irritated but it usually passes quickly.

34. I love bubbles, play doh, and anything else generally reserved for children…which makes my nieces the luckiest kids ever.

33. I find a quick wit and sly intelligence far sexier than any single physical trait.

32. I have a strange affection for gas stations. I hate getting gas but I love all the stuff inside.

31. I still believe in the fairy tale ending…I blame that on the endless Disney movies I was subjected to as a little girl.

30. I analyze everything. Probably to a fault. Bless my friends for sitting through it on a daily basis.

29. I want to travel and visit everywhere.

27. I am very independent which makes it hard for me to be in a relationship.

26. I make the most amazing French toast, just ask anyone who has had the pleasure of eating it.

25. I am one of the best communicators I know when it comes to my friends but it all goes out the window when it involves someone I like.

24. one of my favorite places to be in the whole world is wrapped in a cocoon of snuggliness, in my bed with a good book.

23. When I was little I wanted desperately to be on The Mickey Mouse Club or Kids Incorporated.

22. My zodiac sign is very accurate to my personality. (Pisces)

21. I often write things in my calendar after I do them.

20. I have a thing for pens…if one writes really well I’ll probably take it. Except I don’t like to write with blue ones, I do however, LOVE pink, purple, and green pens.

19. I can crochet, knit, cross stitch, sew clothes, and do most anything else a “grandma” does. And I take no offense to being called one.

18. I have strawberry shortcake every year for my birthday!

17. I loved being 17 it was one of my greatest years in High School. I was one of the kids who loved their high school experience. Except that first year when I had a very bad set of bangs and I hadn’t quite grown into my legs yet. But other than that….

16. When I’m out, I like dancing with girls far more than with guys. Unless it’s two stepping and the guy doesn’t suck at it…

15. I love doing Namaste Yoga but I don’t know what makes it different from regular yoga.

14. I have the most AMAZING friends. I am so thankful for having them in my life.

13. I love to cook and entertain…I’d love to be Rachel Ray, only less annoying.

12. I was voted most witty in high school. I took that as a great compliment.

11. I hate when people send me forwards that say something bad is going to happen if you don’t forward it. But then I send them on…just in case.

10. I am insanely obsessed with the sky and stars…I see shooting stars on a regular basis.

9. People often look at me like they are wondering if I meant for something I said to come across the way it did.

8. I “save” things for special occasions..clothes, wine, lotion, bath salt. It’s kind of ridiculous.

7. TCBY has the best frozen yogurt. Vanilla with strawberries and almonds. nyum.

6. I get very upset if I miss the previews when I go to the movies. It ruins the whole experience for me. As it does if I don’t get an Icee and chocolate covered almonds.

5. I cringe every time I hear my voice on a recorder or voicemail. I was very skeptical of my ex-boyfriend when he would tell me how much he loved my voice. (he also told me he loved my laugh which I know for a fact is obnoxious)

4. I’ve been told you are the dumbest smart person I know. I find this highly amusing.

3. I spend way too much time in Target. And grocery stores.

2. It took me what seems like forever to get out of my small town but now that I have I feel like I can go anywhere.

1. Even though it appears otherwise I no longer have near as much time on my hands.


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