No choices

As I said earlier I had a general sales meeting/volleyball playing day with my company.  They were serving James Coney Island which I was unaware of.  All day long I was thinking that (of course) we would be having some kind of sandwiches or at the very least options to choose from.  Being new to this I forgot my camera….I know on the first day!….but I had half of a hot dog and a small bag of Original Sunchips.  Needless to say I was very hungry when I got home and snacked on a small bowl of Strawberry Chex cereal with 1% Organic Milk.




My friends were going to dinner at a really good mexican food place and after much struggling I decided to stay home and make use of my groceries and leftovers.  So I made a salad:



This salad was:

Baby spring mix

Leftover Ribeye steak which I cut into about 6 bite sized pieces

Red onion

1 tbs Fage 0% Greek yogurt


sprinkle of lowfat organic 2% shredded colby cheese

I used a new Bountifuls Simply Santa Fe dressing that was only 20 cal per serving!

and I sprinkled it with cracked pepper and Sriracha hot sauce.





I am working on a blanket for my baby nephew that I will share when it is finished!  I am off to work on that now and then head for bed. 🙂



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