I couldn’t be happier with my meals today!  Today in general was a really good day….I sold a display of Barefoot in one of my stores…which by the way if you are looking for a good wine at a really great price Barefoot is an excellent choice for summer.  A lot of my stores are running it 2/$9!!!   The weather outside is amazing right now. 

Anyway, for breakfast I had a meal inspired by Jenna at I toasted two Vans waffles and then topped each with:

1 tbs. 0% Greek Yogurt mixed with

cinnamon, flax, and vanilla

1/2 banana

3 strawberries

and two pats of almond butter

AMAZING…and this meal is very filling…I do a lot of running around in the mornings so it is nice to have a go to meal that keeps me full until I can get to lunch.


On the side I had HEB brand Houston Blend coffee that has bits of real coconut in it.  I usually save it for the weekend but I got a new “frother” that I have been looking for for months and I couldn’t resist trying it out! (also I was ready about 30 minutes before I had to leave this morning so I thought why not?!?)


For lunch I had a salad that I made last night….


Okay this salad had a plethora of ingredients… just like I like it 😉

  • Spring Mix
  • strawberries
  • fat free feta cheese
  • 1/2 granny smith apple
  • leftover 1/2 grilled chicken
  • 3 walnut halves
  • 1 tbs. dried cranberries

Topped with Fat free raspberry walnut dressing… about 2 tbs.

Here is what it looked like after I put the lid on it and shook it all up.  I like to do this because you can use a lot less dressing and you get a little taste of it on the whole salad.  I actually like it a lot better than having the dressing on the side and dipping it in and I use less this way.  Not to mention it is a lot easier when you’re eating in your car!


Around 3:30 today I was feeling hungry and I snacked on about 12 fresh cherries and a cheese stick.




And I snacked on some raw cashews as well…


I’m always REALLY hungry when I get home from work…I’m not sure if it is because I’m walking a lot in my stores or if  it is because my lunches are too small.  I’m always full when I get done eating but I’m always hungry for something larger than a “small” snack around 4 or so….

Does this happen to any of you?  Any suggestions?

I’m off to do a circuit workout, I have dinner plans with my friend Lindsay.  She is a riot and it has been forever since we have gotten to catch up.  I believe the plan is sushi!  I could eat this everyday.  I can’t wait to share. 🙂

Dinner with Lindsay was fabulous!  I’m sad to report that I didn’t get any pictures of her but I’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities!

We went to a place called RA that has a really good happy hour!  Everything we got was under $35

To start we each had a Miso soup and shared some edamame.




I had four pieces of fresh salmon sushi,  I cut this into pieces and took it off the rice and laid it on top of the california roll I ordered:


We also ordered a Viva Las Vegas roll that is ……um…tempura fried with cream cheese and topped with crab mix…it is sooooo good and very hard to pass up for 1/2 off!


Lindsay ordered a spicy yellowtail roll and we split everything nearly in half. I also ordered a glass of LaTerre Chardonnay.  Everything was really good and the company was AMAZING!  Very good night for sure. 🙂



I was REALLY full when we left dinner. Of course, when I got ready to go to bed a was a little bit hungry but I didn’t end up snacking I was so tired.


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