Busy Bee….

Happy Saturday! 

Today I have a very filled day…I am meeting one of my best friends for lunch at a Japanese place called Shogun.  After that I am off to my cousins high school graduation party and then I have to leave to come back home to go to one of my best friends from high school Bachelorette party.

This morning I did one of Jillian Micheals circuit videos.  The No More Trouble Zones video that is an hour long.  This workout does not play around.  After I finished I made some breakfast.  This was a little lighter than I normally have especially for a  Saturday, but I knew the rest of the day was going to be filled with food!


1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, turkey sausage, and watermelon.  With a coffee and steamed milk.  Still no sweetener!  After breakfast I went to get a mani/pedi at this amazing place that also massages your shoulders all for only $25!  It felt great!  Then I was off to meet Will for lunch at Shogun.

I ordered a California roll topped with fresh salmon and avocado.  So fresh and light.


Will ordered the sirloin grill and I had several bites of the veggies and fried rice.  Covered in the ginger dressing.  yum!


After we finished lunch I headed straight to my cousins graduation party.  Here are my nieces… Natalie the oldest and Halie.  They LOVE fruits and veggies.   This makes me very happy!  Natalie even likes california rolls.  It is so great that they will try ANYTHING and naturally gravitate toward healthier food.


The little one ALWAYS has food on her face….at least when I decide to take pictures!



My dad made sausage, brisket, and ribs.  I grew going to cook-offs and my parents and grandparents always do well in them.  I used to LOVE to eat ribs, especially right off the grill.  I had a bite of each but didn’t really feell like having much more than that.






I did however have a bowl of this pasta.  I would have liked to eat a lot more of this but I was really full.





I was sad to have to leave early and I always have a hard time leaving my family.  I left an hour later than I had planned and had about 20 minutes to shower and get dressed for my friend Denise’s bachelorette party.

Here I am with the bride to be!  Denise and I were best friends when I was a freshman and sophomore in High school.  I had forgotten how much fun I have when I am with her and it was so great to see her and share in her celebration.



We met at a mexican place called El Patio.  I had a few chips and salsa and a bite of one of the nachos below.  I didn’t take very many pictures of the food because I didn’t really eat much of it. 


We took a trolley around town and went to a really fun place with 80’s music (my favorite!)

The ladies were making vodka cranberries on the trolley and I had 3 of these.  I’m not going to lie I’m feeling pretty icky today.  I forgot how bad it makes me feel when I have that many drinks.  I also had 2 shots in the bars and a vodka soda. 😦 




I am proud to say there was no late night eating!  We all had a blast.


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