DSC06348Thank you for visiting A Pea Without a Pod.  My name is Kayla and I am what I have learned is a foodie.  I have a huge passion for food and entertaining.  Growing up one of the things I looked most forward to was going to the grocery store with my mother or grandmother and I now find myself getting to work in grocery stores everyday.  I’m also selling one of my other loves , WINE!

Growing up I was lucky enough to have a mother that stayed home with my sister and I.  There was always breakfast made before I went to school and dinner when I came home.  I realize now  what I thought was normal was really a luxury that most kids didn’t have.  On the weekends I spent a lot of time with my grandparents who were also big cooks.  Going to cookoffs and helping out was something I did on a regular basis.  Food has always been a huge part of my life.  When I got to college I realized that I had to start being more conscious of the foods I was eating and the “free for all” that I was used to wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  One of the things I enjoy most is finding healthy alternatives to the foods I was raised on.  I also like to share the things I have learned with my friends and family.  I find that many people think that in order to stay trim and fit they have to eat very limited foods and unrealistically small portions.  This is just not the case and my hope is to share the meals that I enjoy that are also healthy and in calorie control.  I also stay very active and work out most days of the week.  With all of that said I am human and I slip up more often than not.  I just try to pick up where I left off and do better next time.  Staying healthy and making the right choices is a constant learning experience.  I talk to my circle of friends regularly sharing new things we have found and “teaching” each other our tricks and tips.  I look forward to sharing those with others as well! 


It should be noted that I am not a registered dietician or nutritionist.  What I share comes from things I have learned from friends, picked up in a magazine or read on the internet.  Please enjoy the photos and recipes I have to share and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!


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