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Morning Muesli

Good morning!


This morning I did my workout in the AM.  I generally prefer to work out in the afternoons but sometimes work doesn’t permit that.  Today I did :

10 min stairclimber

35 min Elliptical

For breakfast I soaked some muesli overnight and added the toppings this morning.  This mix is:

2/3 cup multigrain Quaker cereal

splash 1% milk

about 1/2 cup Fage 0% Greek yogurt

1/2 tbs. ground flax

(soaked overnight)


Topped with:

3 strawberries


2 tbs strawberry chex cereal

1/2 small banana

2 walnut halves



With a small glass of grapefruit juice (yummy!)



This afternoon I have a volleyball meeting for work.  This should be nothing short of interesting seeing as I have not had the best experiences with “organized” sport.  We shall see.


My First Foodie Post!

 Judging from my last  post it is pretty clear that I still haven’t made a decision on what direction I am taking with my blog.  I have to start somewhere and a grocery shopping trip seemed like just as good a place as any!  Here is what I came home with:


Fresh Express Spring Mix (under the carrots)

Organic Baby Carrots

Egg Whites

Fage 0%



Granny Smith Apples

Raw Cashews



Athenos roasted red pepper hummus


Laughing Cow Swiss light cheese



Sweet Onion

Horizon 1% Milk





Dried Cranberries

Almond Breeze

Canadian Bacon

Vans Waffles

Flatout Multigrain-Flax wraps

Lowfat Strawberry granola

Organic Pace Picante sauce

Strawberry Chex

MaraNatha almond butter

Kashi Honey crackers

FiberOne buttermilk pancake mix

Garbanzo chick peas

Petite cut Delmonte tomatoes

Tazo Zen green tea

Grill Mates garlic and herb seasoning


I have a few yummy meals planned with all of those groceries! 🙂

I have some muesli waiting to be finished in the fridge for breakfast in the morning.  More on that tomorrow….

And so it is….

I have overwhelmed myself to no end with starting this blog.  As always I have talked about it quite incessantly to my friends for the last couple of weeks.  In great detail.  I made the mistake of reading the other blogs on Blogher and intimidated myself just a little. With the encouragement of my friend I decided  I needed to start somewhere (seeing as I started the page over a week ago).    Maybe I should start with why I wanted to have a blog.  A list sounds like a good idea…(I love lists) (I also love putting things into parenthesis) and also, putting this in between thoughts: …. just fyi.

moving on…

1) I have way too much to say and unfortunately now that my friends are growing up and getting more responsibility they don’t have the time to listen to my hour+ conversations about everything under the sun.

2) I think I’m hilarious and I’m hoping others agree with me.

3) This is a good place to gather my thoughts and be able to look back on them.

4) I have a habit of romanticizing the past and having a different interpretation of what really happened…I’m hoping this will help put things into perspective.  Even if just a little.

5) My friends and I have talked about how we should have our own reality show and since it’s not looking like that will happen they can settle for being featured from time to time in a blog.

6)  I love to write…one day I would like to write a novel, but right now my attention span just isn’t that long and I have to have a job that pays me money….so in the meantime…

 Sidenote: I don’t even really like peas…which is strange because unless I am not remembering something I think it’s one of the only foods I don’t like to eat. I will eat them if they are in something though. I just never think: “mmm peas sound good” Sweet peas are really pretty though.  And I really like the idea of a pea without a pod. 

And being the old lady I sometimes am…I have to go to sleep now because I have a schedule and that schedule says I need to be in bed in two minutes.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!